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Rich History

St. Frances Cabrini, born in Italy in 1850, sent to America by the pope to help the poor and restless, spent her lifetime serving others by founding many schools, churches, and hospitals. Her favorite words taken from Philippians, serve as the backbone of the Parish that bears her name.

“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.”


While the seeds of what would become St. Frances Cabrini Parish were sown in the years leading up to 1947, it was July 20th of that year when father Clare Murphy was formally installed as Pastor.

“The soul of education is education of the soul.”


This was the vision of Fr. Clare Murphy as he assembled his new congregation in a commitment to providing the rapidly growing Allen Park community a source of Catholic education. As Allen Park and its surrounding communities grew, so did Cabrini. Two church buildings later and a new million dollar high school which opened in the Fall of 1960, served as proof. And the result is a steady of stream of leaders serving our needs. Leaders with high integrity and an accurate moral compass. Leaders that care deeply about our communities and the people within. Leaders with a passion, to make a positive difference.


Excerpt from 2015 Cabrini High School Commencement Speech – William J. O’Neil, class of 1969

…At Cabrini we learned that true success involves the attainment of self-knowledge and inner peace. True success is accepting full responsibility for the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. True success is the identification with and commitment to God, to family to community and to the pursuit of excellence…


A Tradition of Success

Today, words like community and family have evolved from the days of Father Murphy. While our community was once Allen Park and a couple surrounding cities, it has now expanded to over 27 cities covering 482 square miles and supporting 58 parishes. Likewise family once composed of a mother, father, children and pets – today can be witnessed in the realization of Father Clare Murphy’s dream. The Cabrini Family is a true collection of thousands of families from Southeast Michigan coming together in the legacy of Father Murphy and his founding principle for Cabrini, “Growing, Loving, Sharing.”

Across six decades, St Frances Cabrini High School has met the needs of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Since the first graduating class of 1964, thousands have walked the halls, sat in classrooms, and participated in extra-curricular activities while laying the cornerstone for a life built on service – Service in the parish, service in the communities, service for a greater mankind. But while many lives have been touched, our work is far from done. On the contrary, help is needed more than ever.


Mission: Continue the Tradition

Therefore, today we introduce Mission: Continue the Tradition – an ambitious project designed to position St. Frances Cabrini at the forefront of parish run co-ed schools in the metropolitan Detroit region for many years to come. Cabrini has established an inclusive, caring culture, with high expectations and consistent, proven-results fostered by a team of dedicated, committed educators.

However success moving forward also depends on the physical resources our education and community outreach relies on daily. Resources to help develop the full person – mind, body and soul, because we know that only when all three are working in harmony and balance that your greatest self can be realized.

So let us continue the tradition established through hard work, dedication and the commitment of so many. Let us continue the tradition by laying the foundation for current and future generations. Let us continue the tradition of St. Frances Cabrini – unconditional service to others.

And the tradition continues with you!