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Etch Your Mark in Cabrini History!

Friends of Cabrini is selling memorial bricks to be placed at the new outdoor entrance to the athletic fields.

 Along with other renovations taking place at Cabrini High School’s athletic complex, the new entry is being remodeled to include a paved walkway. We are offering a limited opportunity to purchase custom engraved pavers. Participation in this project, sponsored by Friends of Cabrini, will create a lasting memory for you or a loved one. Each paver can be custom engraved with important names, events, alumni, clubs, associations or businesses.

Proceeds from each brick will be used for the renovation of the athletic fields. The renovation project began in 2015 and will continue until completion of the project.

4” x 8” Paver – $100.00 Donation (tax-deductible)
To order one or more pavers, please fill out one form for each.
Pavers will be placed in random order.

For further information, contact us or email

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Not interested in purchasing custom engraved bricks but would like to financially support our cause? You have options!


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Other Ways to Donate

Financial donations are not the only way you can contribute. There are many things needed to support our projects. For instance we are planning to build a press box and add permanent lights to the football/soccer field. Therefore, if you can help support these two activities in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.

Your time and talents are also valuable assets to share. Sales, Marketing, Project Management are just a few of the skill sets in need. But even investing an hour or two to stuff the Cabrini Parish bulletin or pass out flyers at a local event would help. If you are willing to invest some time in any capacity, we guarantee it will be time well spent.

Feel free to contact us at 

Stay tuned for details regarding science lab upgrades...